I want Relationship Gumbo to be a vessel to not just educate people, but to heal.  The goal is to take my unique approaches to coaching and impact as many lives as possible so that we all can be on a path to making better decisions.

-Derrick Jones - Certified Life/Relationship Coach

My Story

Derrick Jones is a Certified Life/Relationship Coach, Mental Health Advocate, and a 21 year NASA Engineer who has chosen to use his decades of analytical skills, strategy, and troubleshooting to map out some of the mysteries of human behavior in a way that is understandable to all learning levels. After realizing a large number of our population have their own life experiences, emotional hang-ups, and weren't taught how to foster a successful relationship, the RELATIONSHIP GUMBO brand was born. By utilizing a unique perspective and equally unique tools, he helps people unscramble their overthinking in order to map out a focused path towards successful dating, relationships, and communication.